SEMA’s core team consists of a group of ambitious individuals with a wide range of expertise, assisted by a group of talented consultants, pro-bono expert advisors and trainees.


Passion: Creativity in the civic space.

Speciality: Impact measurement.

Dancing: Extraordinary.


Passion: Building cool businesses and having lots of fun.

Speciality: Knowing what to do when nobody knows what to do.

Dancing: Forró! (A Brazilian traditional dance)

Uganda Country Director

Passion: Excellent service delivery.

Speciality: Driving strategy & effective leadership.

Dancing: A few classy moves.

Operations Manager Uganda

Passion: Ensure free justice for all, voice to the voiceless

Speciality: Law & Project Management

Dancing: Heavenly

Operations  Manager Kenya

Passion: Civic and economic empowerment, upward intergenerational mobility for society.

Speciality: System and Process implementation for efficient project delivery.

Dancing: Not shabby at all.

Data Analyst

Passion: Self-development towards community development

Speciality: Advocate for self-improvement

Dancing: Great (with the right partner)

 Citizen Engagement Officer

Passion: Being part of the change process.

Speciality: Psychology and human behaviour

Dancing: Work in progress

Finance Officer

Passion: Ensuring accountability, financial discipline and freedom.

Speciality: Financial accounting.

Dancing: Very good.

Public Engagement Officer

Passion: Get to the hear of people’s voices and stories.

Speciality: Community mental health.

Dancing: Imaginative.

Graphics Designer

Passion: Simplifying things for easier understanding.

Speciality: Design.

Dancing: Perfecting the moves.

Tech Officer

Passion: Making a positive impact in society.

Speciality: IT support and administration.

Dancing:  Cool.

Assistant Tech Officer

Passion: Tech advancement for postive community growth.

Speciality: System development.

Dancing:  On the way to salsa king.


SEMA's team is supported by the generous work of six awesome technical advisors:

Tom Lang

Dashboard development

Adrian Aturinda

Graphic design

Slava Pashchenko

Data strategy development and analysis

Attalan Mailvaganam

SEMA data collection development


Timothy Somers

SEMA data collection development


Stijn Balk

Tech strategy, timely introductions, and Dashboard development


You have to speak to someone face to face to know how they really feel. At SEMA, we believe these face to face interactions are critical to understanding how people feel about public services. Our SEMA TRAINEES help us to carry out these interviews.

If your interested in knowing more about our trainees, click here.


SEMA has an international board of directors who meet quarterly to hold the SEMA executive team accountable and advise on overall strategy, product development, finance, recruitment and expansion. The non-executive board members consist of these brilliant minds: Wilfried de Wever (Consultant and founder, Humanity Solutions), Catrien Bijleveld (Professor of Research Methods Criminology and Senior Researcher, Netherlands Institute for Crime and Law Enforcement), Violet Alinda (Director, Twaweeza East Africa) and John Kieti (COO, Ashoka Africa).

In addition, SEMA has set up a Ugandan Advisory Group to help improve our programming on data-to-action and develop public partnerships. These brilliant experts are helping us understand how government can actually improve its service delivery through SEMA’s data collection: Edgar Kuhimbisa (ICT Officer, Justice Law and Order Sector), Martin Ssekaja (Director of ICT, Kampala Capital City Authority), Dorah Mafabi (Country Director, International Development Law Organisation), Benedict Byamugisha (Research, Uganda Police Force) and Paul Banoba (Africa Regional Advisor, Transparency International). Find out more about our data-to-action work here