We are SEMA

We gather citizen feedback to improve public services.

By 2030, all service providers in East Africa will use citizen feedback to improve their service delivery.


People around the world are willing to share their opinions on public services. But this feedback rarely goes to the right place.


SEMA has developed a system for gathering citizen feedback about public services.
(Already, tens of thousands of users!)


We deliver citizen feedback to the people that run public services, so that they can improve what they do.

SEMA's story is our guiding beacon for our entire journey.

We belive that a strong feedback culture has a great impact in revolutionizing service delivery standards accross the board.

SEMA provides every citizen a chance to giive their feeback through our feeback devices stationed at different public service institutions, in-person surveys and a toll-free line.

SEMA makes a difference in the lives of citizens, our trainees, and those who manage and improve public institutions.

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"SEMA has allowed citizens to give their recommendations that have allowed us to evaluate ourselves to find points of improvement for better service delivery."

Semitego Eddie

Community laison officer

Kira road police

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Talking to Sr. Irene Nabukwasi from Kiswa health center, she confirmed that improved service delivery is a real possibility. As a midwife service delivery does not stop at the clinic.

Sr. Irene Nabukwasi

Kiswa health center

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