We gather citizen voices
to improve public services

Citizens are TALKING.

People are sharing their opinions on public services, but this feedback rarely goes to the right place.

Enter SEMA.

SEMA has developed an efficient and effective way of gathering feedback on public services.

YOUR voice is heard.

We deliver citizen feedback to those that run public services to help them improve what they do.

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SEMA makes a difference in the lives of citizens, our volunteers, and those who manage and improve public institutions.

"As soon as we got our first SEMA feedback report I called a management team meeting - how can we improve based on this?"
Officer in Charge
A police station in Kampala, May 2018
"I wish SEMA would have existed way before. There were many instances when I came to the local [police] office and would have wanted to share my opinion about how to improve the service."
Kampala Citizen, May 2018
"We were working for SEMA outside the police station, and the officers were so friendly - they invited us inside!"
SEMA Volunteer, March 2018
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Citizen voices providing feedback
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