We are SEMA

We gather citizen voices
to improve public services

We strive for a world where all public service providers will use citizen feedback to improve their service delivery.

Citizens are TALKING.

People around the world are willing to share their opinions on public services. But this feedback rarely goes to the right place.

Enter SEMA.

SEMA has developed a system for gathering citizen feedback about public services.
(Already, tens of thousands of users!)

YOUR voice is heard.

We deliver citizen feedback to the people that run public services, so that they can improve what they do.

How does SEMA give citizens a voice?

SEMA makes a difference in the lives of citizens, our trainees, and those who manage and improve public institutions.

"For the first time ever, my personnel knew there was somebody watching, there was somebody to compliment what they were doing or report if something is not right."
Officer in Charge
A police station, Kampala, 2020
"As soon as we got our first feedback report I called a management team meeting with my officers -- and I asked them: "how can we improve based on this data?"
Officer in Charge
A police station, Kampala, 2019
"SEMA should extend to other public institutions because for me this was my first time to hear about SEMA and I appreciate their work.

Town clerk
Kira municipal council, 2019
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Citizen voices providing feedback
Public Offices Engaged
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