The SEMA traineeship programme converges talented students from different universities in Uganda to learn, practice and experience doing research to improve public service delivery in their communities. The traineeship provides for first-hand work experience, while also giving youth an opportunity to contribute directly to SEMA’s mission to improve accountability of public services. Selected trainees take part in a 9-month intensive programme of training and fieldwork, where they can develop their own professional careers within SEMA’s friendly and professional environment. The SEMA traineeship currently only supports Ugandan youth. Our traineeship impact survey identified that the first cohort of SEMA trainees (formerly known as volunteers, 2018-2019) greatly improved their soft skills (communication - 100%, leadership - 90%, critical thinking - 90%, teamwork - 90% and work ethic - 90%) in the course of their time at SEMA. This in turn improved their chance of employment, as 80% of the trainees were employed within the year of their traineeship. 70% of the trainees believed that their chances of getting employed increased a lot after volunteering with SEMA. Finally, 80% of SEMA trainees have recommended university students to apply for the traineeship program.


SEMA’s trainees receive regular soft- and hard skills training that is beneficial to their personal development and any professional career. The programme includes group training, individual assignments, field data collection and mentorship from professional experts in research. At the end of the traineeship, trainees have developed a range of hard research skills, such as interviewing and data-analysis, as well as soft skills such as communication skills, critical thinking, team work, leadership and work ethic. Successful trainees are rewarded with a certificate at the end of the programme to validate their skills for future employment.


SEMA acknowledges the trainees effort to learn and appreciates their hard work by giving them monthly rewards, including announcing the outstanding trainee of the month.This monthly award is based on elements of timeliness, reliability, motivation, data quality and effective communication of the trainees to encourage them in stepping up the game each month in their performance. Outstanding trainees also get an opportunity to take separate learning tracks at the SEMA department of their choice.


Do you want to develop your career, improve your research skills and contribute to better public services in your community? If you are currently enrolled in a University programme and live in Kampala or Mukono, don’t hesitate to apply to SEMA’s Traineeship Programme. We select new trainees approximately four times a year, but applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Interested applicants are invited to fill out our application form.

Trainee Testimonial

“SEMA is all I've ever wanted. SEMA has given me an opportunity to become integral in order not to bias the data and also to be diligent and patient while at work. I am happy about the opportunity to work with an organization that seeks to change Uganda and aim at East Africa next which I cannot wait to be a part of.”

Craig Agaba
Trainee- Mukono
“What stands out is SEMA’s quest for quality, effectiveness, and efficiency by its employees. As a Research trainee I was flabbergasted and thrilled when I emerged the best Trainee for the month of January 2020. I felt a lot motivated that SEMA leads by example because they practice what they preach. While measuring the performance of public offices, it also does it internally”
Juluis Elepu
Trainee- Kampala