Data to action

As SEMA, we are continuously doing research to find out how data can actually improve government’s performance, according to SDG 16.

Check out some of the ways we turn data to action:

Awesome reports

We publish eat-to-understand, clear data reports that anyone, of any background, can understand at a glance.

Consulting with local offices

We present this data directly to managers of local offices. No bureaucracy: discussion right where the change needs to happen.

High-level government meetings

Major stakeholders care about data on public services. We engage and work with them to keep them up to date.

Analysing Trends

We look at trends in citizen satisfaction data to find out what factors influence better service delivery.

Sharing best performance

Positive recognition of great service works wonders. We highlight the offices performing the best.

Engaging Civil Society

We engage civil society organization to bring their voices and data to the conversation.

Data-To-Action Research Partners

We partner with the Knowledge Platform for Security and Rule of Law to research way in which citizen feedback data can be presented and delivered to decision makers in the justice sector. Read about some of our finding in our Data-to-Action report here and Policy Action report here.

We partner with the Busara Centre for Behavioural Economics to run experiments about the use of our tools and the effects of citizen feedback on the behaviour and attitudes of civil servants. Find out more about our experimental research with Busara here.

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