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What type of relationship do citizens and public servants have?

Public service satisfaction, citizen trust, and participation are crucial when it comes to improving service delivery. The value of public officers’ interactions with citizens towards the improvement of public services is apparent and inspired us to conduct a simple research … Read More

Moving from DATA to ACTION: SEMA hosts first “Dialogue Dinner”

On the 19th June 2019 SEMA hosted its annual high level stakeholder meeting in the form of a Dialogue Dinner. Set in an intimate setting to encourage more open dialogue, the event was well attended with over 25 individuals from … Read More

SEMA Announces “Office of the Year”

Kira Road police station was awarded best service police station of the year 2018 based on citizen feedback gathered by SEMA. A certificate of recognition was presented to the Division police commander of the station by Nathalie Dijkman (CEO, SEMA) … Read More

Gathering data on public services is great — but does this data lead to action?

The core activity of SEMA is to gather and report data on how well public services, like police, are operating. Our pilot in Uganda has gathered more than 10,000 citizen feedback reports. But does this data lead to change? In … Read More

SEMA and Ugandan Police interviewed on UBC

SEMA is a social enterprise that aims to increase transparency and accountability of public services by gathering real-time citizen feedback. On Friday 30th November 2018, SEMA had an interview on UBC for the show – ‘ Good morning Uganda’ alongside … Read More

“A Piece of Cake”

A SEMA user in Kampala, inspired by SEMA’s mission to gather citizen feedback, wrote this poem.   A PIECE OF CAKE When the government bakes the National cake, it is the role of the public servant to ensure that everyone … Read More

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe launches SEMA in Uganda

The Chief Justice of Uganda officially launched SEMA as one of the innovations that will help Uganda to improve on its service delivery. This joyful moment happened during the 23rd Annual Review Conference for the Justice Law and Order Sector … Read More