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SEMA, under the JLOS program, has been able to provide client feedback tools to 10 magistrate courts in Kampala where we interact with clients and identify how they feel about the services received at these courts. Here, Citizens are encouraged … Read More


For over four years now, SEMA has partnered with the Justice Law and Order Sector -JLOS, to provide client feedback tools to the police stations and with the aid of our trained data collectors who are able to identify precisely … Read More


SEMA began its FEEDBACK MATTERS campaign in February 2022. The campaign saw the launch of the SEMA friendly face, Mr SEMA, who will move along with the SEMA team as we visit the different regions in Uganda, to create awareness … Read More


SEMA is a social enterprise geared towards the citizen-centred improvement of public services. With this goal in mind, SEMA has developed a system of citizen feedback through which citizens rate the experiences they have had at public offices. As SEMA … Read More

Office of the Year 2020

As is the norm every year, we recognize a public office that has improved its performance based on the feedback received from the citizens. This year was not any different. On 11th October, KCCA City Hall Clinic was awarded for … Read More

Understanding Data analysis and Reporting

Code for Africa training. In a world where there is free access to the internet, a lot of information can be accessed and through this alot of fake news can easily be spread. A Lot of stories have been circulated … Read More

SEMA has kicked off in Kenya

To infinity and beyond! As Buzz lightyear would say, making citizens’ voices heard is what we strive for. Being able to gather over 100,000 citizen voices on service delivery,  has and still is quite a learning experience. Through our work … Read More

Learning through behvavioural science research – our new report

Authors: Nathalie E.J. Dijkman, James Kengah, Gideon Too Find full report here. The battle is half-won. Using behavioral science to improve citizen feedback for better public service delivery. For the few people deep enough in the geekdom, GI Joe will … Read More

How your voice helps improve the services at your local health center

Remember those times when a relative is sick and you would just have to block a whole day to take them to the health center? Maybe this has happened multiple times. A Ugandan may ask themselves why there is always … Read More

Trainee Certification Ceremony

At the end of every struggle, a victory has to be celebrated. When it comes to our wonderful trainees, the phrase fits this ceremony. SEMA traineeship program was initiated to ensure that the youth of this country can also be … Read More