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Understanding Data analysis and Reporting

Code for Africa training. In a world where there is free access to the internet, a lot of information can be accessed and through this alot of fake news can easily be spread. A Lot of stories have been circulated … Read More

SEMA has kicked off in Kenya

To infinity and beyond! As Buzz lightyear would say, making citizens’ voices heard is what we strive for. Being able to gather over 100,000 citizen voices on service delivery,  has and still is quite a learning experience. Through our work … Read More

Learning through behvavioural science research – our new report

Authors: Nathalie E.J. Dijkman, James Kengah, Gideon Too Find full report here. The battle is half-won. Using behavioral science to improve citizen feedback for better public service delivery. For the few people deep enough in the geekdom, GI Joe will … Read More

How your voice helps improve the services at your local health center

Remember those times when a relative is sick and you would just have to block a whole day to take them to the health center? Maybe this has happened multiple times. A Ugandan may ask themselves why there is always … Read More

Trainee Certification Ceremony

At the end of every struggle, a victory has to be celebrated. When it comes to our wonderful trainees, the phrase fits this ceremony. SEMA traineeship program was initiated to ensure that the youth of this country can also be … Read More

Civic Leaders Dialogue: key recommendations to bridge the gap between citizens and government during crises

The COVID-19 outbreak caught the world unprepared in response, as governments had to quickly make policies to protect their citizens from contracting the deadly virus. Citizens were not consulted when making these policies and had to follow government directives in … Read More

Citizen’s views during the lockdown

With the current pandemic that has caused a lot to change in our daily activities, the coronavirus has brought a change to the way we operate in our communities. As we join the rest of the world to fight the … Read More

Four lessons in citizen satisfaction at municipality offices

Its been two years now that we have been collecting citizen feedback at different public institutions in Uganda. During this time, we have delivered monthly feedback reports to these offices and noticed that some public offices have used our monthly … Read More

Ntinda police is awarded office of the year 2019

On the 14th of February, Ntinda was awarded as the office of the year 2019. This station was the best performing among five police stations in the metropolitan region where SEMA collected citizen feedback, including Kira road police, Wandegeya police, … Read More

SEMA wins the Anti Corruption Excellence(ACE) award

The Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani Anti-corruption Excellence Award is an annual event organized by the Rule of Law and Anti Corruption Center (ROLACC) and UNODC to award the best ideas that fight against corruption. This year’s ceremony was … Read More