SEMA is a Not-For profit organisation that strives to improve public service delivery in public institutions. We aim to increase transparency and accountability of public services by gathering real-time citizen feedback. We have an excellent team that has broad range of skills and level of expertise that work togther in order to achieve SEMA's mission. SEMA was started in 2018 with a relatively small team but has grown ever since and we continue to hire more personel with different skillsets.


  • A full-time or part-time position with competitive remuneration commensurate with experience and skill set, based on an employee agreement with our locally registered entity in Uganda and Kenya.
  • The chance to be part of a transparency movement that changes government performance in East Africa.
  • International exposure as part of a young international social enterprise with a global board of Directors in The Netherlands.

Traineeship programme

We accept applications from talented and motivated students year-round but only make selections quarterly. SEMA is extending services nationwide therefore all students from the different regions of the country are welcome to join.