About SEMA

Our mission: To create a worldwide revolution in public service; that citizen feedback becomes central to how governments improve their service delivery.

At SEMA, we believe that a citizen’s voice can make a difference in the community. In a quick and easy way, citizens can give feedback on their latest experience at a public institution. We provide citizens and public officials with a real time feedback system. Through our data reports, public officers can follow up on their monthly performance and know what needs to be improved at their institutions.

Citizens need to feel their voice is heard.

SEMA provides citizens a platform where they can share their latest experience with a public institution anonymously, easily and free of charge. Our feedback tools include an IoT feedback device, a USSD code, a toll-free line, telephone- and WhatsApp surveys and in-person surveys. We listen to citizens as users of the public institutions, and translate their needs into recommendations for improved service delivery.


Governments lack the data to make their services more user-friendly.

In alignment with SDG 16.6, SEMA helps governments 'To develop effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels' and to track this SDG indicator by measuring citizen's satisfaction with their last experience at a public office (see UN SDG16.6 indicators). We analyse citizen feedback and provide insightful, actionable and office-specific data reports to public partners to facilitate improvement.

Our principles

  1. A citizen-focused approach.
  2. Advocating for evidence-based action.
  3. Data protection and anonymity.
  4. Emphasizing local change.

Our values

  1. Integrity: We set an example of honesty and transparency in all that we do and how we do it.
  2. Dialogue: We engage actively and impartially with citizens and public offices.
  3. Excellence: We deliver outstanding quality of our work at all levels.

SEMA currently operates in partnership with the Government of Uganda at various public institutions, including police stations, health centres and municipalities. SEMA is established as a not-for-profit enterprise called Stichting SEMA in The Netherlands, with ANBI status. (CCI number 70988420, and RSIN 858536341). SEMA is also registered as a company limited by guarantee in Uganda (URSB number: 80020001491970). Find SEMA’s ANBI Stichting 2020 Statement here. For more up to date information, read our recent news, follow us on Facebook or Twitter or sign up for our newsletter here.