About SEMA

SEMA’s mission is to create a worldwide revolution in public services: that CITIZEN FEEDBACK becomes central to how they improve their service experience.


Citizens need to feel their voice is heard.

SEMA listens to citizens as users of our public institutions, and translates their needs into recommendations for improved service delivery.

Governments lack the data to make their services more user-friendly.

We support governments in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 16.6, which is ‘To develop effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels’. SEMA measures satisfaction of citizens with their last experience at a public office. We analyse such data and provide insightful (monthly) data reports and recommendations to public partners to facilitate improvement.

SEMA is up and running in Kampala, Uganda, with over 40,000 citizens having used the SEMA system at 16 offices.

We experimented with ways to make citizen feedback efficient, effective, and meaningful for creating actual change. To date, these experiments include:

  • Hardware rating devices that gather feedback in real-time at the point-of-interaction (in process of moving hardware production to East Africa);
  • Interactive Voice Response through a toll-free line that allows citizens to leave a feedback message;
  • In person interviews at the offices with which we work.

SEMA introduced these solutions at 8 public institutions in Kampala , Wakiso, Mukono including municipal counsil,health centres, KCCA and police stations. Keep visiting www.talktosema.com or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for results of our data collection.

Our principles:

  1. a citizen-focused approach
  2. advocating for evidence-based action
  3. data protection and anonymity
  4. emphasizing local change

Our values:

  1. Integrity
  2. Dialogue
  3. Excellence

SEMA is established as a not-for-profit enterprise called Stichting SEMA in The Netherlands, with ANBI status. (CCI number 70988420, and RSIN 858536341). SEMA is also registered as a company limited by guarantee in Uganda (URSB number: 80020001491970). Read SEMA’s Policy Plan here.

SEMA is a data-focused project seeking to improve public services. But fundamentally, we hope to inspire people to have a voice in improving their communities.

SEMA was launched by the Justice, Law and Order Sector in Kampala. Check out our launch here.

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