Office of the Year 2020

As is the norm every year, we recognize a public office that has improved its performance based on the feedback received from the citizens. This year was not any different. On 11th October, KCCA City Hall Clinic was awarded for its outstanding performance for the period of June 2020 – December 2020. The Clinic made constant improvements in service delivery which led to a high-performance rate in citizen satisfaction compared to the 6 KCCA health centers where citizen feedback is collected? 


SEMA began working with KCCA health centers in June 2020 where it collects data on citizens’’ views on services provided by these health centers. Through our trained data collectors, citizens are able to give feedback on a satisfaction rating on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the poorest score), waiting time of the client, cleanliness of the health center environment, friendliness and professionalism of the health center staff, degree to which the health center staff shared detailed information on the illness and medication with the client. 


City Hall clinic made the greatest change in its average satisfaction rating starting at 79.7% in September and ultimately raising this rating to 93.7% in December 2020 where it had the highest average satisfaction rating amongst the KCCA health centers that we measured feedback at. The award was received by the Executive Director Ms. Dorothy Kisaka and sister in charge of City Hall clinic Sister Rose Evelyn Achan. They were very grateful for the recognition the city hall clinic has received for its outstanding performance.

Giving out the award, Ms. Kisaka noted:

Feedback is a must. How you receive it is another issue, you might get angry, or be flattered. But it is an eye-opener because it informs you about the state of your work to the public’ 

Dorothy Kisaka, ED KCCA


Over time, SEMA has learnt that when a public official is appreciated, the level of their motivation increases and that feedback should always be given to them regardless of the services received, it helps them know which areas need improvement and which areas they should maintain. Many times we think it’s not that important to give a compliment to a service provider since they are just doing their job yet it is these little details we miss out on that encourage someone to work harder, one compliment can make a huge difference and in turn promote accountability

To know more about the award ceremony, and how the KCCA city hall clinic was selected for its outstanding performance read the criteria or  this article here


By Loise Akello

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