Trainee Certification Ceremony

At the end of every struggle, a victory has to be celebrated. When it comes to our wonderful trainees, the phrase fits this ceremony. SEMA traineeship program was initiated to ensure that the youth of this country can also be part of the change that affects them. The program runs for a period of nine months  during which they  gained skills in citizen and public officer engagement, data analysis and basic research. The training was able to tap into their  great talent and offered wonderful experiences during their data collection roles. This exciting adventure was crowned with a certification ceremony where they were awarded for their great work. During this ceremony, these trainees were able to share their experience from the time they joined the traineeship program. Some highlighted that their perception on how public institutions work has changed.

Before SEMA I couldn’t even go to a police station. Now I just walk right in and go straight to the OC. When something’s not right at the hospital, I say, this isn’t right. I learned to give feedback. Now I give feedback all the time. Feedback doesn’t have to be through SEMA, it can be everywhere.”

Through this, we realise that being exposed  to how things operate in their community empowers one to actively contribute to the change around them. 

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