Ntinda police is awarded office of the year 2019

On the 14th of February, Ntinda was awarded as the office of the year 2019. This station was the best performing among five police stations in the metropolitan region where SEMA collected citizen feedback, including Kira road police, Wandegeya police, jinja road police, and the central police station.

As our main goal is to improve public service delivery by using feedback, we realized that people are willing to share their experience when it comes to public service delivery. It is from this experience that we developed an awarding system for the best performing offices based on the data collected from citizens. SEMA was not set up to shame corrupt offices. Instead, we work one-on-one with a station to make sure certain recurring issues that citizens raise are addressed. After a year, we recognize the hard work of the public officers who have made concrete commitments and improvements to make sure they provide the best services to citizens. We have seen that this approach motivates public offices to improve on service delivery at their institutions, leading to better quality services and a better work environment for fellow civil servants.

Ntinda Police station was the first station where SEMA started collecting citizen feedback in March 2018. We are so proud that they have used the information we have gathered from their clients to work towards improving their service delivery. ASP Moses Ojok who was the OC at Ntinda Police from when we started until November 2019, says: “We would always look at the SEMA reports to come up with solutions on how to overcome some challenges at the station. Thanks to you, our officers have gained morale.”

Ntinda police is one of the police stations that has shown a commitment to work on better public service delivery based on citizen feedback. Find out more about this office of the year by reading this article by Nile post . We call upon both the private and public sector to embrace the power of feedback when it comes to improved service delivery. Curious to learn more about how we create change at public offices and our data-to-action strategies? Read our report here.

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