SEMA wins the Anti Corruption Excellence(ACE) award

The Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani Anti-corruption Excellence Award is an annual event organized by the Rule of Law and Anti Corruption Center (ROLACC) and UNODC to award the best ideas that fight against corruption. This year’s ceremony was held in Kigali Rwanda on 9th December 2019. For the SEMA team, this day will always be cherished on the SEMA calendar as we received the prestigious anti corruption prize alongside other great activists from different countries, including  South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, USA and Kyrgyzstan. The Award handed out by the Emir of Qatar and the President of Rwanda has the shape of an open hand symbolizing transparency, openness and the values that underpin the struggle against corruption. Seven winners in four categories were awarded for their willingness to fight against corruption. SEMA was awarded in the category of innovation together with an investigative journalist. We take it as an encouragement that the work we do in gathering real-time citizen feedback at critical public offices, is creating an impact both locally and internationally. Last year, our friends from Accountability Lab won the award, and we are honoured to be mentioned among the laureates in of this Award! We are looking forward to creating more partnerships with fellow winners to keep the fight against corruption alive and improve service delivery in Uganda and beyond.
Find out more about the awarding ceremony here.

N.B. The Anti-Corruption Excellence Award was humbly accepted by SEMA’s board as an encouragement of our accountability work and to boost our operational growth. The prize is a one off award and is not given as official development aid (ODA) or in any way to serve as a political endorsement. There are no conditions on the use of the prize money and no direct formal agreements were made between SEMA and the Emirate of Qatar or the Republic of Rwanda.  

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