Chief Justice Bart Katureebe launches SEMA in Uganda

The Chief Justice of Uganda officially launched SEMA as one of the innovations that will help Uganda to improve on its service delivery. This joyful moment happened during the 23rd Annual Review Conference for the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) on Thursday the 4th of October at the Law Development Center.

SEMA is geared towards improving the service delivery at frequently used public offices in East Africa – in particular those that are used by all citizens of society in need of government support, such as police stations where people report crimes and municipality offices where birth registrations take place. SEMA improves these services by presenting actionable recommendations based on feedback from citizens who evaluated the offices after having been served.Among others, rating devices record citizen feedback on a 5-point scale from very bad to very good. And SEMA volunteers hold in-person interviews with citizens to find out what made the service good or bad.

SEMA’s tools are already operational at eight public offices in the capital (KCCA Headquarters, Kiira RoadPolice Station, KCCA Nakawa Division, Ntinda Police Station,Jinja Road Police, KCCA Central Division, Central Police Station and Wandegeya Police station).Already more than 9000 citizens have given feedback at these 8 stations since March this year.

The Netherland’s Ambassador to Uganda applauded the SEMA team during his opening speech for working with various entities of the government, to value the satisfaction of the citizens of the country.

SEMA is preparing for a scaled up programme where citizens can evaluate their services across at least 30 offices in the country.

Interested in what we do? We are always looking for feedback, partners, volunteers and collaboration opportunities, so please reach out to us via or on Twitter @talktosema.

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