MEET the SEMA team

SEMA’s team consists of a driven core team with a wide range of expertise, and a group of inspired and driven volunteers in Kampala.

  • Nathalie Dijkman

Chief Executive Officer

Passion: Creativity in the civic space

Speciality: Impact measurement

Dancing: Extraordinary


Community Manager

Passion: Helping Ugandans access justice

Speciality: Ugandan law and justice innovation

Dancing: … getting better

  • Joan nsasiirwe

Operations Manager

Passion: Ensure free justice for all, voice to the voiceless

Speciality: Law & Project Management

Dancing: Heavenly

  • Pamela NamAla

Data Analysis Officer

Passion: self-development towards community development

Speciality: Advocate for self-improvement

Dancing: Great (with the right partner)

  • Loise

Citizen Engagement Officer

Passion: Being part of the change process

Speciality: psychology and human behaviour

Dancing: work in progress

  • Shine Nuwasasira

Operations Officer

Passion: Get to the heart of people’s voices and stories with love and compassion

Speciality: community mental health

Dancing: Imaginative


Tech Officer

Passion: Creating Stuff

Speciality: Embedded systems troubleshooting and development

Dancing: “Amazing”

SEMA's Tech Wizards

SEMA's team is supported by the generous work of six awesome technical advisors:

Connor Sattely

Tech strategy, SEMA data collection development


Tom Lang

Dashboard development


Adrian Aturinda

Graphic design

Attalan Mailvaganam

SEMA data collection development


Timothy Somers

SEMA data collection development


Stijn Balk

Tech strategy, timely introductions, and Dashboard development

SEMA's Student Data Collectors

You have to speak to someone face to face to know how they really feel. At SEMA, we believe these face to face interactions are critical to understanding how people feel about public services. Our SEMA STUDENT DATA COLLECTORS help us to carry out these interviews.

  • Agaba Craig
  • Chemutai Syndia
  • Elepu Julius
  • Kiconco BriDGet
  • Murungi Sharon
  • Nakireza Bernard
  • Ndati Brenda
  • Odongo Jasper
  • Ssebagala Stuart
  • Taaka Anthony
  • Thembo Geoffrey