Data to action

As SEMA, we are currently doing research to find out how data can actually improve government's performance, according to SDG 16.6.

Check out some of the ways we turn data to action:

Awesome reports

We publish easy-to-understand, clear data reports that anyone, of any background, can understand at a glance.

Consulting with local offices

We present this data directly to managers of local offices. No bureaucracy: discussion right where the change needs to happen.

High-level government meetings

Major stakeholders care about data on public services. We engage and work with them to keep them up to dfate.

Sharing best performance

Positive recognition of great public service works wonders. We highlight the offices performing the best.

Engaging Civil Society

We engage civil society organizations to bring their voices and data to the conversation.

The SEMA Advisory Group

Advisory Group. In order to advise us on how data can lead to change, we have set up a group of expert advisors in Uganda.

These brilliant folks are helping us understand how government can actually improve its service delivery through SEMA's data collection.

Meet our advisors: 

Edgar Kuhimbisa

Information, Communications & Technology Officer at the Justice Law and Order Sector

Violet Alinda

Advocacy Manager at Twaweza East Africa

Claire Ollama

Research and Business Analyst at the Kampala Capital City Authority

Dorah Mafabi

Programme Manager at the Democratic Governance Facility

Moses Ojok

Officer in Charge at the Ntinda Police Station

Meet our great volunteers

The richness and reality of SEMA's data comes from face to face interviews. We'd like you to meet our volunteers. They make it happen. Check out the video below.